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Title: proximate analysis of hand mixed feeds used in Gaucia Breeder Farm and observing growth rate in both male and female birds.
Authors: Das, Avijit
Keywords: Proximate analysis, Proximate component, Breeder, Feed intake, Growth rate.
Issue Date: Sep-2015
Publisher: Report presented in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Abstract: This study was conducted to analyze proximate components in hand mixed feeds collected from Gaucia Breeder farm, Potiya, Chittagong during the period of October to November 2015 .The objective was to observe the growth rate and feed intake of both male and female breeder birds. Five feed samples were collected by random selection method and proximate analysis was done at the laboratory of Animal Sciences and Animal Nutrition Department, CVASU. The analysis showed that the collected feeds contain 2600-2800kcal/kg ME, 15-18% CP, 3-4.5%CF, 2.5-3.5%EE, 3-3.5%Ash, 60-65% NFE which is nearly similar to the standard requirement for breeder birds. The average feed intake was 105-110 gm per bird per day in female and 115-120 gm per bird per day in male. The average growth rate was 90-100 gm per bird per week in female and 110-120 gm per bird per week in male. So, this feeds can be recommended for the farm .But continuous analysis on feeds is required to get better performance.
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