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Title: Comparative Study on Different Layer Feeds
Authors: Akter, Taslima
Keywords: Feed, layer layer, nutrient, proximate analysis.
Issue Date: Dec-2015
Publisher: A production report presented in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of DVM (Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine)
Abstract: In poultry farming, feed requires the major part of total cost, which is up to 70 percent. Of total feed cost, about 95 percent is used to meet energy and protein requirements, about 3-4 % percent for major mineral, trace mineral and vitamin requirements, and 1-2% for various feed additives. Hence the quality of feed is enormously significant in case of poultry farming. To acquire the exact picture of commercial poultry feeds, the proximate analysis of three layer feeds from three different poultry farm were examined. The proximate analysis of feeds showed the following composition: metabolizable energy 2645-2685%, moisture ranged from 10.5-11.3 %, crude protein 16-16.9%, ether extract 3.2-3.3%, crude fiber 5-5.2%, ash 6-6.8% and NFE 53.2-58.3% in layer. There was no significant difference observed in selected feed samples.
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