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Authors: Noman, Abdullah Al
Keywords: Jelly, formulation, bioactive compounds, antioxidants etc
Issue Date: Jun-2022
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal Sciences University
Abstract: The purpose of the study was to create laboratory-made Guava strawberry jelly. The research was conducted to compare with developed and commercially available jelly of physicochemical properties, antioxidant capacity, sensory evaluation, nutritional composition, bioactive compound & the comparison is noticeable. The guavas and strawberries utilized in this experiment were all fresh and fully ripe. To boost the acid concentration of the guava and strawberry juices, citric acid was added to the jelly process. The level of significance at P≤0.05 was determined using one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA). The antioxidant capacity was found from 1.988 to 3.819 mg TE/100gm. Sample A had the highest antioxidant capacity & commercial jelly was the lowest. Total polyphenol content ranged from 6.233 to 12.166 mg GAE/100ml. The highest total polyphenol content was in sample A, whereas commercial jelly had lowest TPC. TFC content varied from commercial jelly (1.119 mg QE/100g) to sample A (1.54 mg QE/100g). Sample A had the lowest moisture content (29.46%). Highest protein percentage was found in sample A (0.85%). Sample A had ash content of (0.37%), which was the highest. Vitamin C content in the formulated jellies were found ranging from 4.6-10.80 mg%, whereas lowest vitamin C content (4.6%) was found in commercial jelly. In sensory evaluation, sample A got the highest score by panelist among all samples according to 9 Point hedonic scale. This study revealed that the developed jelly is a great resource of bioactive compound, Vitamin C & Antioxidant activity with high nutritious value. The cost of the developed jelly can be affordable to the consumer. The manufacturing process of developed jelly was also easy & convenient which is favorable for commercialization of the product.
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