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Title: Characterization and Comparative Analysis of Acid- Soluble Collagen Extracted from Fish By-Products: Insights into Their Resemblance to Commercial Food Collagen
Authors: Chowdhury, Ayesha
Keywords: Collagen, fish by-products, FTIR and food-grade collagen
Issue Date: Jun-2023
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Khulshi,Chattogram
Abstract: Collagen, a ubiquitous protein in the animal kingdom, serves as a critical structural component in various biological tissues and has gained significant attention in the food industry for its multifaceted functional properties. In this study, acid-soluble collagen extracted from fish by-products was comprehensively characterized and compared to commercially available food-grade collagen sources to elucidate their structural and functional similarities. Fish by-products, often considered waste in seafood processing, represent a sustainable and underutilized source of collagen. The acid extraction method was employed to obtain collagen from fish skin and scale by-products. Comprehensive analytical technique, including Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) was utilized to assess. The results of this study revealed that acid- soluble collagen from fish by-products exhibited a high degree of resemblance to commercial food-grade collagen in terms of its amino acid profile. These findings highlight the potential of fish by-products as a valuable and sustainable source of collagen for various food applications. The characterization and comparative analysis presented in this study offer valuable insights into the suitability of fish by-product- derived collagen as a viable alternative to commercial food collagen. This research contributes to the growing interest in sustainable sourcing of collagen for the food industry and opens up possibilities for the utilization of fish by-products in value-added food products and functional ingredients.
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