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Title: Comparative Socioeconomic Study on Crossbred and Red Chattogram Cattle Dairy Farms in Some Selected Areas of Chattogram District
Keywords: RCC, Cross-bred, Farm profitability, Marketing Channels
Issue Date: Dec-2019
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal Sciences University
Abstract: The objectives of the study were to compare the socio-economic status, profitability and reveal the potentialities of the Red Chittagong Cattle farmers with established commercial crossbred in some selected areas of Chattogram district in Bangladesh. To examine the current socio-economic profiles, production & management system, farm profitability, marketing channels and identified problems and remedial actions of dairying are the specific objectives of the study. The research was conducted in four upazilas, namely Karnaphuli, Patiya, Chandanaish and Satkania from Chattogram district which are known as milk pockets and most of the RCC farms are established there. Data were collected by using a structured questionnaire from a total of 10 small sizes, 20 medium sizes and 10 RCC dairy farms from each upazilla. In total 160 dairy farms where 40 small sizes farms, 80 medium sizes farms and 40 RCC farms were selected for in depth study from the study areas conveniently. Sample data were collected from January to June 2019 by the researcher herself. In this study carried out the socio economic profiles, production and management systems with disease occurrences in RCC and cross-bred dairy enterprises. This study was also examined the farm profitability especially Gross costs, Gross Returns, Gross margin, Net margin, net profitability and marketing channels of each categories of farms. The Gross margin per cow per lactation year over cash costs were estimated at Tk.72072, Tk. 128820, Tk.23400respectively where net return over total costs were found in Tk.59047, Tk.109800, Tk.17037for small, medium and RCC farms, respectively. The Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR) was accounted for 1.64, 1.83 and 1.34 for small scale, medium and RCC dairy enterprises, respectively.The study also observed about the existing marketing channels of farm’s produced and involved intermediaries in the study areas. Finally, the study revealed some crucial constraints of raising cows in the rural areas of Bangladesh. These were high prices of feeds & fodder and fluctuation of ingredient prices in different areas, low prices of produced milk, scarcity of quality feeds & fodders, conception failure, variation in market demand of produced milk and inputs, insufficient Veterinary Care & services, occurrences of diseases, inadequacy of A.I. services, lack of training & extension work, fraudulent practices, unavailability of good bull/semen, lack of credit facilities, higher expenses for utilities, feed poising and mineral deficiency were the main problems for dairy farm owners of this region. If those problems could be managed justifiably educated youth group of people would be interested in dairying practices commercially.
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