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Authors: Foysal, Mohammad
Keywords: Turkey, Management , Production, Profitability.
Issue Date: Dec-2017
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Chattogram-4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: The study was carried out to evaluate the management practices and profitability of turkey farming in Chittagong following survey and multistage sampling procedure. All necessary information like as age, sex, biting site, bite management, vaccination was obtained with the aid of questionnaires, personal interviews, field measurements and conversation. A total number of 5 farms were considered in this study. 20 % farms size (Number of turkeys) are < 20, 40% farm size are 20-50 and 40% farm size are > 50. 40% turkeys are farm borne and remaining 60% turkeys from outside of the farm. In this study it was found that farm had 37.5% Broad breasted turkey, 37.5% Broad breasted turkey and 25% Royal palm. 40% of turkey farmers used ordinary chicken layer ration for their breeder turkeys, 40% made use of broiler breeder ration and 20% fed any available ration. All farmers provide vegetables to their turkeys. 20% farmers provide ad-libitum feed for their birds, 60% of the turkey farmers provide twice and 20% provide thrice daily. All farmers followed natural breeding for reproduction of turkey. 80% farmers had encountered diseases like New Castle disease, 40% Fowl pox, Infectious coryza and 20% Fowl cholera, Mycoplasmosis etc. 80% farmers did ND vaccine, only 20% performed Fowl pox and Fowl cholera vaccine. The cost-benefit ratio of the farms are 2.73, 2.23, 2.88, 3.31 and 2.12 respectively. Turkey farmers do not fully understand the nutritional requirements and appropriate management practice of turkey farming. To improve the efficient turkey production, it is necessary to provide training, research and marketing strategies for farmers.
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