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Title: Prevalence of Infectious Bursal Disease Associated with Other Concomitant Infections in Broiler Poultry Submitted to Thana Livestock Hospital, Kotwali, for Examination
Authors: Mau, Aditi Dey
Keywords: : IBD, Prevalence, Diagnosis, Farm size, Age group, Strains, TEC, DLC.
Issue Date: Mar-2014
Publisher: Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Khulshi-Ctg
Abstract: ABSTRACT The study was carried out at Thana Livestock Hospital, Kotwali, Chittagong district during the period of 8 weeks, starting from 5th May to 4th July, 2013 to know the prevalence of Infectious Bursal Disase (IBD) associated with other concomitant infections in broiler in terms of age group, farm size, strains. For this purpose a total of 50 farms were included in this study where 25 were positive for IBD, which was carried out by maintaining a case study sheet containing clinical sings and post mortem findings of the birds that were brought in Hospital by farm owners. The diagnosis of disease was done on the basis of clinical sings and post mortem lesions shown by the affected birds. Ten blood samples were collected from the affected birds and TEC and DLC were done to know the blood parameters of the IBD infected birds. The prevalence of IBD was higher (4.2%) in medium sized farms than large sized farms (0.9%). The prevalence of IBD associated with other concomitant infections was higher in medium scale farms and less in small scale farms. In medium scale farms, the prevalence of IBD+Coccidiosis was 5.4%, IBD+CRD was 2.6% and IBD+Colibacillosis was 1.1%. On the other hand, in small scale farms the prevalence of IBD+Coccidiosis was 0.6%, IBD+Cocci+CNE was 1.1% and IBD+CRD+Cocci was 2%. The prevalence of the IBD was 1.1% (Lower), 2.5% (Higher) among the age groups of (14-21) days and (22-28) days, respectively. It shows that the prevalence of IBD associated with other concomitant infections was higher in chickens of 22-28 days of age and less in chickens of 14-21 days of age. The highest prevalence of IBD with coccidiosis was 1.7% in 22-28 days and low (1.3%) in 14-21 days and the prevalence of IBD+Cocci+CNE was high (2%) in 14 to 21 days and low (0.4%) in 22-28 days of chickens. The prevalence was higher (2%) in Lohman Meat and lower in (0.8%) Arbor Acres Plus and (1.3%) Cobb 500. The average TEC of infected bird was 68.9 million/mm3 and DLC showed that average neutrophils, lymphocytes, eosinophlis, monocytes and basophils were 10%, 78%, 2%, 5% and 0% respectively.
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