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Authors: Sikder, Amir Khasru
Keywords: Sodium Bi Carbonate, Encapsulation, Flavour, Fizz, Acidity, Moisture, Brix
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Publisher: A thesis submitted in the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Food Processing and Engineering, Department of Food processing & Engineering, Faculty of Food Science & Technology, Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Chittagong-4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: In this study, Sodium Bi Carbonate was encapsulated using spray dryer to avoid bursting of powder soft drinks within short time. Three different types carbonated powder drinks such as Energy; Cola & ENO powder soft drinks were prepared by using the encapsulated Sodium Bi Carbonate; three different flavours and other ingredients. Physical, Chemical & microbiological tests were done for encapsulated Sodium Bi Carbonate as well as for Energy, Cola & ENO PSD (Powder Soft Drinks) in laboratory. The analysis shows that the result of moisture, shelf life & fizzing time of encapsulated Sodium Bi Carbonate was 0.38, more than 10 months & 4-5 minutes respectively which was better than Australian Encapsulated Sodium Bi Carbonate (Fizz Powder). The analysis also shows that the panel test score for Energy powder soft drinks was 9.35 that were more than Cola & ENO powder soft drinks. The Tri angle test result of Energy Powder Soft drinks was also better than Cola & ENO Powder soft drinks. The initial moisture content of Energy Powder soft drinks was 0.66 % and after 10 months it was 0.98% that was better than Cola & ENO powder soft drinks. The oBrix, PH, ash content, acidity of Energy Powder Soft Drinks was 8.9, 3.35, 0.004 & 0.70 % respectively which was maintained the standards of Bangladesh Standard Testing Institute. The result of Total Viable Count Test was zero which indicates the product was safe for human consumption.
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