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Title: Management of Dog Bite Complications: Results in Spinal Paraplegia & Dystocia in a Domestic Short Hair Cat
Authors: Jannatul Naima, Jannatul Naima
Keywords: Dog bite; Axonotmesis; Dystocia; Ballottement; Overiohysterectomy
Issue Date: Nov-2022
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal |Sciences University
Abstract: Dystocia due to external injury like dog bite is not so common in mammals. But it can be a complications of dog bite. Dog bite cause serious nerve damage known as axonotmesis. This kind of nerve damage can lead to spinal paraplegia. The purpose of the present study was to manage a pregnant cat with dog bite complications.A two year old pregnant domestic short hair cat was admitted to Teaching & Training Pet Hospital & Research Centre, Chattagram Veterinary & Animal Sciences University with a history of dog bite four days ago. At first, general physical examination was done then special examination was performed. It was noticed that the cat was unable to move its hind quarter. On abdominal ballottement bony like structures were felt on both left & right side without fetal movement. The ultrasonography examination was done but due to distended bladder it was not so clear. In X Ray, there was discontinuation of spinal cord at middle of the vertebral columns & gas filled tubular structure in mid to caudal abdomen. After confirmation It was determined to perform the ovariohysterectomy under general anesthesia. This ovariohysterectomy enabled delivery of two dead emphysematous fetuses & thereby saved the life of the mother. Antibiotics & NSAID was given as post operative care for 5 days. After fourteen days, the suture was taken out. The cat fully recovered without experiencing any complications. The owner was suggested to provide physical therapy to the cat to improve its hind quarter movement
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