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Authors: Talbia, Fida
Keywords: Weaning food, Proximate analysis, Nutritious, Microbiological, Sensory
Issue Date: Jun-2022
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal |Sciences University
Abstract: The majority of weaning dietary requirements are provided by commercially made weaning food, which are created using various techniques that are either difficult or similar composition. As a result, an initiative has been taken to create a nutritionally excellent weaning product. It was attempted to create a baby food powder for babies aged six months to two years. The aim of the research was to develop and assess nutritional features of weaning food blends. Using locally accessible cereals and nourishing fruits such as green pumpkin seeds, oats, almonds, apples, and dates, three weaning foods were created. The nutritional qualities and microbiological quality of the prepared food were assessed. Among three weaning foods sample B score the highest. In sample B the moisture was 2.39%, 2.82% ash, 18.18% protein, 17.09% fat, 2.38% fiber, 57.13% CHO, and 455.07 kcal energy per 100 gm of sample. The concentrations of sodium, potassium, iron, calcium was 310.6, 580.23, 4.98, 435 mg/100g respectively. Vitamin A was found 334.74 µg RAE per 100 gm. Antioxidant capacity of sample B was 2.882 mg TE/100gm. The most accepted sample B and two imported commercial weaning foods overall bacteriological status were observed satisfactory. The produced weaning meal mixtures were highly acceptable for color, flavor, texture, taste, and overall acceptability on a nine-point hedonic scale were tasted by trained group of panels. The formulated weaning foods are healthy and nutritious, and its components are locally accessible. These foods have the potential to substitute the commercial weaning products available in Bangladesh
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