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Title: Management of Fetal Dystocia Caused by Carpal Flexion in A Cow: A Case Report
Authors: Al-Amin, MD. Rahmat Al-Amin
Keywords: : Fetal Dystocia, Mutation, Force Extraction
Issue Date: Sep-2018
Abstract: Dystocia as one of the reproductive problems in cows may be defined as the inability of the dam to deliver its calf through its own effort. This condition occurs as a result of problems with the dam’s uterus or birth canal, or with the fetus. The usual clinical signs are the onset of labor without delivery of fetus or fetal membranes and later regression of parturition signs. An incorrect diagnosis of dystocia may result in fatal condition to both fetus and mother. The present report describes the management of dystocia in a cow caused from fetal abnormal posture. A crossbred Jersey cow in its sixth parity was presented in Military Farm, Chittagong, Bangladesh Army with the history of complete gestation and violent straining for three hours without any progress in calving. Physical examination of the cow revealed that the animal was dull, depressed and anorexic. One leg of the fetus was found as protruding out from the vulva region. Based on per vaginal examination, the condition was diagnosed as fetal dystocia caused by unilateral carpal flexion posture of the fetus. Treatment and management plans given to the cow were manipulative delivery of the calf via mutation and forced extraction technique. Post-operative treatment was given with calcium with normal saline. Oxytocin was given intramuscularly and repeated after 4 hours. Amoxicillin was administered intramuscularly for a period of 5 days and Pheniramine maleate was given intramuscularly daily for 5 days. The healthy recovery of the cow was observed after one week
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