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Authors: Boby, Farjana
Keywords: Dairy cows, Production, Reproduction, Causes of lameness, Effects of Lameness.
Issue Date: Apr-2010
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal |Sciences University
Abstract: Boby F, 2009. Lameness and its effects on the productive and reproductive performances in dairy cows. To measure the prevalence of lame animals in different dairy farms and to determine the causes and effects of lameness on production and reproduction in dairy cows,a baseline study was carried out from the month of May to December, 2009 at Chittagong, Mirsharai, Dhaka, Savar and Tamilnadu of India. A cross selection study was set to find out the percentages of lame animals in dairy farms. In the first phase of study general survey was conducted on 10 dairy farms by collection of all data about lameness and examination of the animals. The lame dairy cows were randomly selected from farm register and by physical examination of cows and a questionnaire was used to obtain the informations. The results of present study indicates that the causes of lameness are Arthritis (19.047%),FMD(17.46%),Traumatic injury (12.69%), hooves pinching (4.76%), Black Quarter (4.76%), Laminitis (3.17%), Hip dislocation (3.17%), Inflammation (3.17%), Foot rot (4.76%), Abscess (4.76%), Fracture (4,76%), Maggot infestation (3.17%), Upward Patellar Fixation (3.17%), Tumor (1.58%), Gas gangrene (1.58%), Papilloma (1.58%) and Joint ill (1.58%).The effects of lameness on production was reduced milk yield in dairy cows which was 9.43 litre on average / day /cow before lameness and 5.8 litre on average /day/cow after lameness.The effects of lameness on reproductive performances were are abortion(7.93%), anestrous(22.22%) and required more than 2 SPC (15.87%).It was found that 17.19% cows were affected by lameness in case of 90% confined housing system.There were only one loose housing farm where 15% cows were affected. 80% farms were of concrete floor type where 55% cows were affected. While 8% cows were affected in case of 2% farm of muddy type floor.In case of use of antiseptics, 49.20 %, 27% and 5% cows were found lame in the farms using different types of antiseptics-lyme(80% farms), phenyl(80% farms) and bleaching powder (2% farms) respectively
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