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Authors: Alam, Md. Maqsud
Keywords: livelyhood, Cost, Return, Productive & Reproductive performance
Issue Date: Aug-2009
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Khulshi, Chattogram-4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: The study was conducted in two upazila namely Shaharasti and Hazigoj under Chandpur district during the period of June to July /2009. The study was conducted to analyze the socio-economic status of rural women in goat rearing for achieving the objectives. In total 30 farmers were selected for the study. The study revealed that about 36.66 % farmers were landless, 30 %, 13 % & 20 % were small and marginal, medium & large farmers according to their landholding sizes. The study showed that most of the goat farmers were poor, illiterate & had a high number of family members. From the study it revealed that yearly goat rearing cost in Shaharasti & Hajigonj were Tk.2550.00 & Tk. 2180.00 whereas, yearly return of goat rearing in Shaharasti & Hajigonj were Tk.3350.00 & Tk.2840.00 respectively. On the other hand BCR of goat farming in Shaharasti was 1.31 & that of goat farming in Hajigonj was 1.30 considering one lactation period. The result clearly indicated that goat farming was profitable. In Shaharasti & Hajigonj the av. Age at puberty, Age at first kidding, Kidding interval, litter size, Post partum heat period, Service per conception and Gestation period of Black Bengal goat were 190day, 195 day; 345 day, 350 day; 175 day, 180 day; 1.99,1.90; 35.5 day, 40 day; 1.15, 1.25; 142 day, 144 day respectively. The study also showed that av. Age at puberty, Age at first kidding, Kidding interval, Litter size, Post partum heat period, Service per conception and Gestation period of cross bred goat in Shaharasti & Hajigonj were 200 day,210 day; 366 day, 400 day; 250 day, 270 day; 1.5, 1.10; 115.75 day, 120 day & 146 day, 148 day respectively. The result clearly indicated that the reproductive performances of Black Bengal goat were better than cross bred goat. On the other hand productive performances like higher birth weight, maximum body weight gain, high milk yield, longer lactation period were suitable in cross bred goat. Finally the study identified some important problems & some recommendations were made for development of goat farming in Bangladesh.
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