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Title: Study on analysis of physiological parameters rumen of rumen fluid in digestive disordered sheep
Authors: Baran Sen, Ashim
Keywords: Rumen fluid, Physiological parameter, rumen protozoa, Ruminal acidosis, Alkalosis, Chronic bloat, indigestion, Anorexia.
Issue Date: Jun-2009
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Khulshi, Chattogram-4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: The study was carried out by collecting sample of rumen fluid from the sheep in Upazilla Veterinary Hospital, Rangunia during my UVH placement in Rangunia, Chittagong, from 17th December’08 to 16th February’09, sheep of Chittagong veterinary and animal sciences university’s farm , and from sheep farm at Roushan Hat at Chandanaish Upazilla of Chittagong district. After collection of rumen fluid from both diseased (anorexic, digestive disordered animal) and healthy animal, different physiological parameters of rumen fluid (e.g. color, odor, consistency, pH) and motility and number of protozoa are observed and studied in relation with different digestive disorder of sheep. So, this study revealed four (4) colors of rumen fluid such as-greenish, greenish brown, milky gray, greenish black were found respectively 33.33%,13.33%,33.33%,20%, which indicate the normal, alkalosis, acidosis & chronic bloat respectively. Odor was found different types, these were -putrid (40%),aromatic (20%), sour(33.33%), pungent(6.67%) indicating the subacute indigestion, normal condition, acid indigestion & in active gastric juice respectively. Consistency was found in following order watery(46.67%), thickwatery(13.33%), gruellike (26.67%), foamy (20%) respectively. In the same way, pH rumen fluid ranged from 4.5 to5.9, 6 to7,and 7.1to7.9 were found respectively 40%, 40%, 20%, that indicate acidosis, normal condition & alkaline indigestion of animal respectively. Study of rumen protozoal motility showed that vigorous, moderate, mild and absent were found in 13.33%, 26.67%, 46.67%, 13.33% respectively which indicate that animals in anorexic condition, their protozol motility were mild. Besides, this study helps to interpret that, body temperature, ruminal motility, rumination and feeding regimen have a relation with physiological parameter of rumen fluid and ruminal protozoal numbers and motility.
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