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Authors: Zoardar, Md. Reyad Hasan
Keywords: Rabbits, length,shape index,width etc.
Issue Date: May-2012
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal |Sciences University
Abstract: The investigation was conducted on seven adult apparently healthy, Newzaeland White rabbits aged 6 to 7 months irrespective of sex. The animal were embalmed in 10 percent formalin solution after induction of proper anaesthesia and the superficial palpable lymphnodes (parotid, mandibular, superficial cervical, prefemoral, popliteal and inguinal) were dissected out from both the sides and their biometry were recorded for length, width, thickness, volume, organ weight and shape index of the right and left sides separately. The parotid lymphnodes were single on either side in all animals under study. The mandibular lymphnodes were found to be higher in number in comparison with the other lymphnodes investigated. The largest was found in the axillary accessory lymphnodes. The popliteal lymphnode showed a similarity in width,thickness and shape index among the nodes of either side. The shape index of parotid lymphnodes are maximum 128.24 and shape index of prefemoral lymphnode 51.24 shows minimum. The normal length of mandibular lymphnode was 5.41±1.08 mm. Mandibular lymphnode showed variable in number in right side and left side of mandible. Parotid lymphbnode showed variation in left and right side. Prefemoral lymphnode were embedded in the inguinal region and covered by fat. Prefemoral lymphnode were elongated and right and left were more or less same in diameter 7.65±0.86mm, 7.88±0.72 mm. Parotid lymphnod were located below the lateral canthus of the eye. It was single in both side of the eye, and showed minimum variation in right and left side 5.41±1.08 mm, 6.02±0.76 mm,respectively.
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