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Title: A Study on Overall Husbandry Practices in Different Dairy Farms at Chittagong Metropolitan Area
Authors: Shahinuzzaman, A. B. M.
Keywords: Husbandry practices, dairy farms, Chittagong Metropolitan Area.
Issue Date: Apr-2009
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Khulshi, Chattogram-4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: The study was included preselected 30 dairy farms at Chittagong Metropolitan Area (CMA) to observe their housing, feeding, breeding, sanitation, water management, udder health management, routine farm activities & biosecurity measures which are most essential for a dairy farm operation. It was revealed that 46.65% face in, 43.34% face out, 6.65% mixed & 3.33% others (scattered) housing were practicing in different dairy farms at Chittagong out of which 86.66% farms have separate calf shed. About 35.76% farms offered year round green grass to their animals while 23.42% did not supply any green grass. The crude protein (CP) contents were about 16-17% of supplied concentrate which was almost similar to the recommended level. There was no specific breeding policy maintained in any dairy farm in the study area. In most farms estrous was detected early in the morning. Only 3.35% farms used both Artificial Insemination (AI) & Natural Insemination (NI) whereas 96.65% farms practiced AI. Sub-clinical mastitis was common to all farms out of which 15.21% clinical form. Ascariasis was detected to around 26% dairy farm. Only 3.34% dairy farms practiced machine milking. About 73.33% dairy farms tried to keep AI records only. Finally, the study proved that the improper husbandry practices of dairy farms may lead to less profitable business. So we have to improve the overall husbandry practices in different dairy farms at Chittagong to get the optimum production and benefit as well.
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