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Title: Egg production, Age, Assel and Naked neck, Supplementation.
Authors: Sen, Sourav
Keywords: Egg production, Age, Assel and Naked neck, Supplementation.
Issue Date: Nov-2017
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Chattogram-4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: Data were collected from 7 selected farms of key rearers at Babupur village in the Naogaon District in Bangladesh to investigate the egg production performance in cross breeds resulting from F1 and F2 generation of Assel and Naked neck chicken. The age and weight of each chicken were recorded at the laying of 1st egg and obtained the age and weight at sexual maturity was 159.63 days and 1.3kg respectively. Daily egg production was recorded from the onset of lay up to one year and the yearly egg production per hen was obtained 128 in F1 generation and 140 in F2 generation. Supplement of feed ranged from 15 gm to 45 gm per hen. The highest rate of lay was obtained from the group of highest level of supplementation. Among this 7 farm one farm belongs to F1 generation and others belong to F2 generation of Assel and Naked neck chicken. F2 generation -wise egg production per year per hen were more in farm number two and less in farm number six.
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