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Title: Surgical Correction of Aural Hematoma in a Cat: A Case Report
Authors: Khan, Shahoria Rifat
Keywords: aural hematoma; persian cat; surgical correction; recurring hematoma.
Issue Date: Nov-2023
Publisher: A Clinical report presented in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
Abstract: Aural hematomas in cats represent a challenging concern in feline veterinary medicine due to their multifactorial etiology and potential for recurrence. This case study documents the diagnosis and treatment of a 3-year-old male Persian cat with a recurring aural hematoma. The cat initially underwent non-surgical intervention involving needle drainage and corticosteroid therapy, which offered symptomatic relief but failed to prevent recurrence. Subsequently, a surgical approach was employed, involving incisions to drain accumulated blood and 'through and through mattress' sutures for wound closure. Post-operative care included antibiotics and corticosteroid therapy. The case emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive approach, considering non-surgical and surgical interventions based on the condition's severity and recurrence. Findings align with previous research highlighting the value of advanced diagnostic tools, such as ultrasound, in diagnosis and the significance of vigilant monitoring to address recurrence. Tailored post-operative care, including nutritional support and psychological enrichment, contributed to the cat's recovery. This study contributes to the collective understanding of aural hematoma management in feline patients, emphasizing the need for individualized treatment and ongoing research to refine and enhance treatment modalities.
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