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Title: Effects of Spice and Herb Extracts on the Thermal and Storage Stability of Mustard Oil
Authors: Arefin, Mohammad Rihan
Keywords: Natural Antioxidant, Spice & herbs, Embanox-2, Oxidative stability Antioxidant activity, Phenolic compound.
Issue Date: Feb-2023
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal Sciences University
Abstract: The study assesed the impact of oil enrichment with natural antioxidants, a promising method for extending shelf life of edible oil compared to synthetic antioxidants. Clove and asafoetida antioxidants can balance mustard oils and prevent oxidation. Commercial synthetic antioxidants are cheap and effective, so the food industry utilizes them. Embanox-2, a commercial synthetic antioxidant that has displayed similar effectiveness as it was made for that purpose. However, synthetic materials may pose health risks. Thus, this study compared natural and synthetic antioxidants effects in protecting mustard oils from oxidative degradation. Solvent extraction was employed followed by evaporation to obtain bioactive enriched extract from clove and asafetida. The extract were added to enrich the mustard oil and then physiochemical and biochemical test was conducted according to established standard. ANOVA and Tukey's test (applied at a 5% level of significance) were utilized to compare all data obtained. Results showed that physical criteria like specific gravity (0.90 - 0.92) and moisture percentage (≤0.2%) was well under control and the process was also very much successful in diminishing unsaturation by controlling the iodine value from 25.5 g/100g in pure oil to 24.74, 23.8, 23.62 g/100g in enriched oils. Natural antioxidants also impacted mustard oil's thermal stability by controlling acid and peroxide values to safe levels, when compared to pure mustard oil (4.48 mg KOH/g and 6.2 mEq/kg) by both clove extract (3.48 mg KOH/g and 5 mEq/kg), asafoetida extract (2.47 mg KOH/g and 3.2 mEq/kg) & also embanox-2 (2.02 mg KOH/g and 2.8 mEq/kg) enriched oils even during the highest heating time (60 min). Then again, in case of storage stability similar positive outcome was also replicated in treated mustard oil samples throughout the 28 days period. Moreover, the outcome was also positive in case of TPC and TAA, where clove extract added oil (119.125 mg GAE/100 ml and 22.194 mg TE/100 g) and embanox-2 added oil (54.391 mg GAE/100 ml and 28.256 mg TE/100 g) showed better increment with asafoetida extract added oil also demonstrating almost similar value. These results indicate that natural antioxidants can works as replacement to synthetic antioxidants to enrich mustard oil
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