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Title: Nutritional attributes, bioactive components, antioxidant activity and amino acid profile of fenugreek seed powder supplemented bread
Authors: Roy, Proma
Keywords: Antioxidant capacity, Amino acid profile, Bread, Bioactive compounds, Fenugreek seed powder
Issue Date: Aug-2022
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal |Sciences University
Abstract: Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) seeds are nutrient-dense having high protein, fiber and mineral content. But the bitter flavor of fenugreek seeds restricts their widespread use in culinary applications. Therefore, attempts have been made in the current study to develop wheat-fenugreek-based bread by using fenugreek seed powder with wheat flour at 5%, 7.5% and 10% level of supplementation to ascertain the sensorial acceptability and subsequently to analyze the nutritional composition, bioactive compounds, antioxidant capacity and amino acid profile. The ranges of protein, fat, crude fiber, ash and carbohydrate content were determined to be 15.31- 16.28%, 3.77-4.99%, 1-1.70%, 2.53-2.72% and 39.62-43.54% respectively. Among the bioactive compounds, total flavonoid content and total phenolic content were higher in the formulated breads, ranging from 37.88-61.34 mg QE/100g and 2.82-3.33 mg GAE/100 ml respectively, compared to the control (18.68 mg QE/100g and 2.71 mg GAE/100ml). However, total anthocyanin content decreased significantly. The antioxidant capacity was increased by 82.39% (1.76 to 3.21 mg TE/100g). Moreover, seven essential and eight non-essential or conditionally essential amino acids were found in fenugreek seed powder supplemented bread from which lysine and glycine were absent in the control bread. The quantity of lysine and glycine in the formulated bread with 7.5% fenugreek seed powder was 51.96±2.69 ppm and 3.99±0.10 ppm respectively. Bread with 7.5% supplementation had the highest acceptance rate in the sensory evaluation
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