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Authors: Islam, Md. Manirul
Keywords: Meat, preservation, freezing, pickling, Salting, pH and TVC.
Issue Date: Feb-2013
Publisher: Chittagong Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Khulshi- Chittagong-4225
Abstract: The study was conducted to observe comparative assessment of meat preservation by using different method. The experiment was divided into three treatment groups having two replications. Three samples were collected from locally available markets. Where sample 1 was persevered by freezing method, sample 2 by pickling with vinegar and sample 3 by salting with common salt. The initial pH of the meat samples (S1,S2, S3) were 5.84, 6.33 and 5.90 respectively. The initial moisture percentage of these (3) samples were 77.43, 70.25 and 76.10, respectively. And the total viable count of bacteria was(1.8x106/CFU) in sample1, 2.3x106/CFU) in sample3 which were negligible and in sample2 the microbial load was 14x106CFU/gm. After one month of preservation, the second reading was taken from the same samples. There are some changes observed in pH, moisture, texture, color and TVC. It is revealed that the preserving of meat by salting is significantly better than other two methods. So, it may be concluded that the meat preserving by salting more safety, more reliable and more economic for human consumption.
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