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Title: A Case Study on Hypoglycaemic Shock in American Brahman Cattle
Authors: Tanjid, Sumyia
Keywords: Brahman cattle, haematology, biochemical profile, hypoglycaemia, CVASU.
Issue Date: Nov-2022
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Khulshi, Chattogram-4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: Beef cattle rearing is very popular all over the world to meet the demand for animal protein and the growth rate of beef breed increasing day by day. The main objective of this study was to assess the health status of an exotic American Brahman beef cattle breed. A case was attended to or call on by a veterinarian in a commercial beef cattle farm. This case history was that, 10 years old American Brahman cattle, weighing 938kg, presented with a primary complaint of weakness, off- feed and laminitis. The cow had a history of being imported from America to Bangladesh. Physical examination findings revealed severe dehydration, off-feed, laminitis. Clinical examination findings were rectal temperature 102°F, abnormal rapid breathing and increase heart rate. For proper diagnosis, haemato-biochemical tests of diseased cattle were done, and proximate components and mineral analysis of feed were also done. Blood samples from other four healthy Brahman cattle were also evaluated for comparison. Haematological parameters of diseased cattle revealed Hb 70g/L, PCV 24% and TLC 18.10×10³/cumm. In biochemical examination of diseased cattle found calcium 7.3mg/dl, phosphorus 8.4 mg/dl, albumin 22.6g/L, AST 153.6 U/L, ALT 109.7 U/L, BUN 45.6 mg/dl, creatinine 4.7 mg/dl, total protein 117.1g/L and glucose 27.6 mg/dl. The haemato-biochemical parameters of healthy cattle were within normal range. Due to the severe dehydration and prolonged fasting in diseased cattle, blood glucose levels are drastically reduced. In conclusion, we may say that the diseased cattle had died due to hypoglycaemic shock.
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