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Title: A Report On Dyslipidemia Of Exotic Dogs in a Dog Squad, Bangladesh
Authors: Sanjida Ali, Sanjida Ali
Keywords: : Hematology, Biochemical analysis, Exotic breed, Dog squad, Indices
Issue Date: Nov-2022
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal |Sciences University
Abstract: Hematological and biochemical measures have to be used to evaluate the clinical states of animals and are reliable indicators of the physiological status of animals. A total number of 8 clinically healthy dogs were brought under the study (6 exotic dogs from dog squad, Border Guard Bangladesh and 2 local dogs). Information about management (feeding, vaccination, deworming) were collected through face to face interview. Samples of blood were collected from dogs for analysis hemato-biochemical indices using automated hematoanalyzer (Celtech α ®) and spectrophotometer (Hematological analyzer 3000®) respectively. The collected data were organized in Excel 2010 and analyzed using SPSS (version 26.0). Descriptive studies were performed including Percentage, Mean and SD.. The study recorded marked sex related differences in PCV (Packed cell volume) which was 26±7.12% in male and 41.33±7.64% in female, ESR was 45.0±23.84 mm in 1st hour vs. 5.67±2.89 mm in 1st hour in male & female. Total protein level (90.92±9.22mg/dl vs. 69.75±23.97mg/dl) and imbalance of lipid profiles like Cholesterol (73.57±21.65mg/dl vs. 57.10±26.72mg/dl), Triglycerides (54.77±21.64mg/dl vs. 37.40 ±5.57mg/dl), LDL (183.27±293.25mg/dl vs. 0mg/dl) and HDL (115.67±29.78mg/dl vs. 32.25±10.67mg/dl) levels were found higher in exotic dog breeds than local dogs. Current study revealed that the exotic dog breeds in a dog squad of BGB were suffering from metabolic disorder specially dyslipidemia. In conclusion, we may say that periodic assessment of hemato-biochemical parameters especially lipid profiles are very much important for the dogs, of particular those are used in professional activities
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