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Title: Comparative study on productive and reproductive performance of Hubbard Classics parent stock in two different breeder farms of Chittagong district
Authors: Sen, Ashim Baran
Keywords: Hubbard Classic, Performance, Management, Paharika, and Nahar breeder farm.
Issue Date: Apr-2009
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Khulshi, Chattogram-4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: The study was conducted in two different breeder farms of Chittagong district from 6th September to 25th September 2008, in i) Paharika Breder Farms Ltd. Fatikchori, CTG. ii) Nahar Agro Complex Ltd. Mirshari, CTG.The objective of this study is to statistical analysis of the productive and reproductive performance of Hubbard Classic broiler parent stock of two different Breeder farms. The results of this study reveals that the variation of productive and reproductive performance in two farms is statistically non significant. The average performance of the liability, feed consumption, body weight gain, egg production%, hatching egg%, hatchability % of Paharika Breeder Farms respectively are 86.8±2.38, 157.39±1.96, 3659.84± 45.44, 62.29±2.19, 93.22±0.97, 76.27±2.39. and in Nahar Agro Complex Ltd- it is 86.95± 1.85, 3652.70±31.94, 62.44±2.14, 92.85±1.25, 78.02±1.83. Although a little difference in different parameter in two farms due to managemental difference (eg- vaccination, medication, lighting, etc.) which is statistically non significant. Therefore, it may be inferred that, Hubbard Classic performed well in both breeder farms
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