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Authors: Ferdous, Tuhin-Al-
Keywords: Dairy animal, White revolution, Asset value, Variable cost, Economic analysis, on farm & off farm activities, Net profit, Benefit cost ratio.
Issue Date: Apr-2009
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Khulshi, Chattogram-4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: This study was exceptional and for first time conducted in Chittagong Metropolitan Area to observe the economic status of some selected dairy farms by calculating their asset value, variable cost and annual farm income. Within asset value, fixed homestead land asset value ranges from 60-80% of total farm asset value depending on geographical location of the farm and due to communication facilities of the area. It was found that the current animal value fully depends on farm size and investment of the farmers. It revealed that variable cost which mainly includes the major feed cost considering both roughage and concentrate. The concentrate feed cost ranges from 80- 95% of the total feed cost but it ranges from 65-85% of total variable cost. The costs of medicine, labour, vaccination, transportation, breeding, electricity and miscellaneous occupy the rest of the total variable costs. If the feed cost is lower, then the profit will be higher. In dairy farm economic analysis, the soul fact is annual income from farm based activities. It was found that the annual income of a dairy farm is from annual milk sale, live animal sale and by product sale. The gross income comes from annual milk sale which ranges from 55 to 95%. Finally, the result showed that out of 20 dairy farms 12 farms were accepted according to the Benefit Cost Ratio (B.C.R.) analysis of the farms. To wind up this study it exposed that dairy farming in Chittagong Metropolitan area is being economically benefited.
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