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dc.contributor.authorRahman, Md. Saidur-
dc.description.abstractThere is a long history of anecdotal and observational evidence of the mutual benefits of the pet ownership. The present research examined links between attachment to pets and physical and psychological well-being in different populations. To analyze the bonding between pets and human in relation to well-being in Dhaka city, Bangladesh, 82 data from 15th February to 15th March were collected and evaluated. Among them, small number pets reared by young owner (9.76%), medium number by old category owner (18.29%) and large number by middle aged owner (71.95%). 52.44% owners were female and 47.56% were male. Maximum 58.54% owners were married, 34.15% were unmarried and rest 7.32% were divorced. Highest 56.10% owners do not have any kids, 21.95% owners have only one (1) kid, 17.07% owners have two (2) kids and only 4.88% owners have three (3) kids. Regarding employment status of owners, 65.85% owners were employed and 34.15% were unemployed. 70.73% owners lived in a joint family and other 29.27% owners separately. 62.20% owners have experienced for short period pet ownership where 37.80% owners have long period pet ownership. 65.85% owners reared pets as companion and hobby purposes, 28.05% owners have pets for breeding purposes and only 6.10% owners use pets for security purposes. 41.46% owners have given their statement that there was not any effect on reduction of chronic diseases or mental state due to having pets, 9.76% owners found reduction of high pressure, diabetes and heart disease due to pet ownership and maximum 48.78% owners reduced anger, depression, loneliness and restlessness for rearing pets. 20.73% owners were exposed some disease conditions like ring worm, asthma, and allergic reaction duo to having pets in their house and rest 79.27% owners did not have exposed any problems for pet ownership. The results provide evidence that pet acquisition may have positive effects on human health and behaviors, and that in some cases these effects are relatively long term.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipTeaching and Training Pet Hospital and Research Center, CVASUen_US
dc.publisherChattogram Veterinary & Animal Sciences Universityen_US
dc.subjectPet ownership, physical, psychological, companion, hobby, breeding, high pressure, diabetes, ring worm, asthmaen_US
dc.titleThe study of the beneficial effects of pet ownership on some aspects of human well-being and behaviorsen_US
dc.typeTechnical Reporten_US
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