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Title: Impact of COVID-19 on Dairy Farming Sector of Mirsharai, Bangladesh
Authors: Akter, Sharmin
Keywords: Covid-19; Economy; Dairy sector; Price; Milk
Issue Date: Sep-2022
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal Sciences University
Abstract: The COVID-19 epidemic has created a serious negative impact not only on the health sector in the country but also on all aspects of living conditions. The government has restricted people's movement since the COVID-19 epidemic in Bangladesh started in early March in order to stop the disease's spread. This study was conducted to understand the impact of COVID-19 on the dairy farming sector of Mirsharai Upazila, Chattogram. A total of 5 dairy farms were chosen using the random sample technique from the Khoiyachora, Barotakia, Jorargonj, Mayani and Korerhat regions within the Mirsharai Upazila of Bangladesh based on the information that was available. It is found that the farmers encountered numerous challenges, their farms were underperforming, and they suffered losses ranging from very little to very much. The number of dairy cows in these 5 farms was 31 before COVID-19, 27 during COVID-19, and 42 after COVID-19, respectively. Feed prices were 31tk/kg before the pandemic, but they rose to 33.5taka during the pandemic and 46 takas after COVID-19 ended. Milk production also decreased to 63 L from 67L. The amount of unsold milk increased to 42 L per day. The average cost of medicine (monthly) was 9167, 9833, 12233 Tk (BDT) at before, during, and after the end of Covid-19 respectively. Other costs like labor, electricity, and water also increased in the same way as there was a lack of supply, transport, and labor. Therefore, to reduce such a scenario in the future, the government might create long-term projects and sustainable plans encompassing several sectors to ensure continued capacity building of farmers and assure the development of the farmers' skills by setting up training programs.
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