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Title: A Study on Management, Prospects, and Problems of Broiler Farming at Chandanaish Upazilla in Chattogram District
Authors: Ali, Sanjida
Keywords: Broiler, Management, Prospects
Issue Date: Aug-2022
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University. Khulshi, Chattagram-4225
Abstract: A study on the management, prospects and problems of the broiler farming system at Chandanaish Upazilla under Chattogram district was conducted from 15/02/2022 to 30/04/2022. Using a questionnaire-based survey the current study was conducted to understand the current broiler farming state of Chandanaish Upazila in the Chattogram district of Bangladesh. Using an interview schedule with 5 randomly chosen respondents who were engaged in broiler farming, information was gathered on various factors to assess the current farm management techniques. In the course of the investigation, it was discovered that the majority of farmers started their own businesses with their own money. The entire broiler houses in the research region had open sides and tin shed roofs, and the broiler growth rate in the kacha and concrete floor was nearly satisfactory. However, they constantly felt threatened by various challenges and issues of rearing broilers. As a result, while the possibility was great, the needed facilities were extremely few. People would be more motivated to develop large-scale broiler farms throughout the year if the issues could be solved.
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