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dc.contributor.authorIslam, Tauhidul-
dc.description.abstractThe calf was brought to Chakaria Upazilla Veterinary Hospital (CUVH) in Cox'sBazar district with the complaint of incontinence of feces and urine on the day of its birth. No anal opening is the primary clinical finding, which is followed by a protrusion of a muscular balloon-like structure. The most prominent clinical symptoms are straining, depression, tenesmus, and abdominal pain. This case was diagnosed as having atresia ani, along with agenesis of the vulva. A surgical correction was required and surgery was performed where 2% lidocaine was used for local anaesthesia (low epidural, ring block), diazepam for sedation, and permanent opening of the anus and urethral orifice was performed. The post-operative care includes Pronapen 40lac (preparation of benzyl penicillin 30 lac iu and procaine penicillin 10 lac iu) at 20,000-40,000 IU/kg i/m, Meloxicam @ 0.5 mg/Kg, S/C and application of Vaseline through the inner permanent opening to repel the further adhesion and application of topical antiseptic, sulphanilamide powder on the external of the surgical wound. Injectable treatment was continued for 7 days, but topical application was continued for 15 days. The patient was followed up for two month. After 1 month no problem was found. Defecation and urination was satisfactory dealing with the other normal body functions.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipDepartment of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacologyen_US
dc.publisherChattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Khulshi, Chattagram-4225, Bangladeshen_US
dc.subjectCongenital anomali, Atresia ani, Agenesis of vulva, Low epidural, Ring blocken_US
dc.titleA clinical report on surgical correction of atresia ani with agenesis of vulva: a case reporten_US
dc.typeTechnical Reporten_US
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