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Keywords: Carrot, Bread, proximate composition, beta-carotene
Issue Date: Jun-2022
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal Sciences University
Abstract: The carrot is one of the most essential root vegetables, full of dietary fiber and bioactive substances like carotenoids, as well as considerable amounts of other functional elements with key health-promoting effects. When carrot powder is combined with refined flour, more vitamins, particularly vitamin A (beta-carotene), fiber, and minerals are added to the bread. The goal of combining carrot powder with refined flour is to create low-cost, widely accessible foods that are consumed by a large number of people and have numerous health advantages. In the current study, a methodical approach was used to create and standardize the procedure for making bread fortified with carrots using the cabinet drying method in various percentages. The proximate analysis, beta carotene value and sensory evaluation of the bread sample were determined. With the addition of carrot powder, the crude fiber, moisture, and fat contents of the bread gradually increased; 10 percent carrot fortified bread had the highest values at 2.3 percent, 28.20 percent, and 10.30 percent, respectively, and control bread had the lowest values at 0.30 percent, 27.60 percent, and 8.90 percent. Carrot powder substitution reduced the amount of carbohydrates. Bread with 10% carrots added has the lowest value (46.5%) of carbohydrates, while control bread has the greatest value (49.1%). The sensory analysis of the bread reveals considerable variations across the samples in terms of crust, shape, internal texture, appearance, and general approval. The bread samples' flavors and aromas differed noticeably from the control loaf. The beta carotene content is lower in 5% fortified bread than 10% fortified bread. The concentration of beta carotene is 3.002 mg in 5% fortified bread and 3.179 mg per 100 grams of 10% fortified bread respectively.
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