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Title: A Comparative Study on the Clean Milk Production Practices of Military Farm Chattogram with Selected Farms of Chattogram District
Authors: Md. Sohel Rana, Md. Sohel
Keywords: Clean milk, Hygienic, Dairy, Total viable count, Somatic cell count
Issue Date: Dec-2021
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal Sciences University
Abstract: Dairying occupies a special niche and plays an important role in national economy as well as in socio-economic development of millions of rural and urban households of Bangladesh. The adoption of clean milk production practices has great potential for increasing the quality of milk production. Considering the fact, this study was indented to over viewing a scenario of clean milk production in the commercial dairy farms of Chattogram region and compares them with Military Farm Chattogram (MFC). For that purpose, thirty commercial dairy farms of different categories (based on DLS) (category A, category B and category C) were selected along with MFC. The management data of these farms regarding housing, cleanliness, hygienic aspect of milking person and animal; ways of milk production were collected from the farms by using a preformed questionnaire. The pooled milk samples were collected from each of the farms to perform the physical, chemical, microbial test and somatic cell count to determine the quality of the milk in regards of clean milk production practice. Physical, chemical and microbial test was performed by the standard procedure. Results revealed that, the hygienic management was best in MFC than the other selected farms. Cleaning of animal shed 15 minutes prior milking were practiced in case of 100%, 40%, 20% and 30% followed by using disinfectant were 100%, 80%, 70% and 60% in case of military farm, category A, category B and category C, respectively. Regular examination of milking animal by veterinary doctor were obtained 100%, 30%, 30%, 20% along with cleaning udder of cows before milking were practiced 100%, 100%, 100%, 90% and washing entire animals were practiced 100%, 50%, 30%, 20% by MFC, category A, category B and category C farms, respectively. Using KMnO4 in water for cleaning udder and teats, as well as dipping teats in KMnO4 solution before and after milking, is a practice done at MFC and some of the category A farms that can’t be done at category B and category C farms. Changing/wearing the clean dress before milking were maintained 100%, 30%, 20%, 10% and trimming of nails regularly were maintained 100%, 40%, 30%, 30% by MFC, category A, category B and category C farms, respectively. Dry and hygienic utensils for milking purpose were practiced 100%, 80%, 80%, 60% and using separate utensils for milking of healthy and sick animal were practiced 100%, 70%, 60%, 60% by MFC, category A, category B and category C farms, respectively. The average milk fat and protein percentage of categorized farms were 4.34±0.251, 3.81±0.166, 3.84±0.196 & 3.81±0.166 and 3.78±0.208, 3.43±0.237, 3.49±0.272 & 3.43±0.167 in the MFC, farm category A, B, C, respectively. The average specific gravity of milk from categorized farms were 1.030±0.003, 1.025±0.006, 1.026±0.005 & 1.027±0.006 in the MFC, farm category A, B, C, respectively (p<0.05). The presence of coliform bacteria are nil (0%)in the milk samples of MFC, whereas 50% negative and 50% positive coliform bacteria are present in the milk samples of category A, category B and category C farm, respectively. The average Somatic cell count (SCC) of categorized farms were 238400±42626, 509800±172297, 538000±195494 and 520000±151796 in the MFC, category A, category B and category C farms, respectively (p<0.05). So, it can be concluded that for clean milk production, proper cleaning of the milking shed and milch animal is mandatory. MFC milk was the best in all tested parameters in terms of hygienic milk production and standard dairy production practices.
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