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Title: Nutritional Analysis of Local Grass Fulkher, Alkher and Puti grass in Chattogram District of Bangladesh
Authors: Dilshad, Syeda Munira
Keywords: Native grass, Proximate component
Issue Date: Jun-2020
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal Sciences University
Abstract: . The objective of this study was to explore the proximate composition of wild native plants (Alkher, Fulkher and Puti grass) in different upazilas of Chattogram. Wild plants showed the excellent proximate composition and have potential to cultivate as forage to improve the food qualities for ruminant. It was seen that, despite being wild forage, the proximate components were quite satisfactory. Moisture content was high. The crude protein (CP) content was around 13% in Fulkher and Puti grass indicating good quality fodder. All the assessed species in the light of current findings (proximate composition) shows that they can good potential source of fodder for cattle and will be very helpful to fulfill the current crisis of fodder in the dry season when there’s scarcity of
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