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Title: Profitability and Husbandry Practices of Rearing Ornamental birds in Chittagong.
Authors: Mahmud, JAHANGIR
Keywords: Management practices, ornamental birds, profitability, rearing.
Issue Date: Dec-2017
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Chattogram-4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: Rearing of ornamental birds has become an important source of income in Bangladesh. The present study was conducted to determine the management and profitability of ornamental bird farm in Chittagong. Necessary data about housing, feeding and other managemental practices, cost, and return were collected from a total of 3 farms in Chittagong using structured questioner. The management practice of the farms was not Jake but there is huge scope of improving the management practices of ornamental birds in Chittagong. There is a prevalence of different avian diseases like salmonellosis and TB which has been noticed during my study. The mortality rate between different species of birds are also compared in this study. The study shows that rearing of ornamental birds can be profitable .The gross margin was 81512.50 taka and benefit cost ratio was 1.54 taka/year. Farmers are found not so skilled at disease control and their knowledge about vaccination is also need to be improved. Proper husbandry practices, regular vaccination, maintaining of biosecurity, early treatment and prevention of diseases is necessary to improve the current condition of the ornamental birds farming in Chittagong.
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