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Title: Impact of Small Scale Dairy Farming on Rural Farmers life style with Constraint and Prospect at Rangunia upazila
Authors: Habiba, Umme Aysha
Keywords: Small-scale dairy farming, non-farming households, livelihoods, Bangladesh
Issue Date: Sep-2020
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Science University
Abstract: The study has been conducted to explore the experiences of small-scale dairy producers in Rangunia upazla of Chattogram in Bangladesh, with the particular focus on the small-scale dairy farming for livelihoods of rural farmers. The aim of the study was to determine the role of small-scale dairy cattle farming in improving their life styles, identifications of the problems of dairy cow rearing and to provide suggestions for their improvement. A total of 100farmers were selected where 40 and 60 for small scale-dairy farming/households (SCD/SCH) and non-farming households (NFH), respectively. The Data was collected through face to face interview on and personal visits. Results showed that farming system, breeding policy and veterinary services has significant (p<0.01) roles in production performances between the SCH and NFS and housing also has significant (p<0.05) contribution. There were no significant relation on other variables such as sex, age, marital status and education of the producer in production performances. Disease was the most important factor followed by unpredictable milk market and high prices of drugs for household income. This research is important in relation to farm-level policy and decision making, government program analysis, performance analysis, and resource allocation to small-scale dairy farming.
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