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Authors: Islam, Md. Khairul
Keywords: Dehydration, Feline panleukopenia, Fracture, Frostbite
Issue Date: Sep-2020
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Science University
Abstract: The information collected from SAQTVH during my internship placement from 13 september, 2019 to 17 september, 2019. The clinical history was taken from the owner of the cat through the teacher. There were only 12 cats I found in my 5 days placement. The climate was very hot in summer (average temp 370c), that’s why dehydration in cats was a common problems (41.66%). Then the feline panleukopenia virus affected cats percentage were more (25%). Fracture due to accident and frost bite due to keeping the cat in AC was 8.33% respectively. Female cats are more susceptible (66.66%) than male cats (33.33%). During winter season cats are inside the room in most of the time and they are less affected by contagious diseases. In winter and summer the affected percentage was 16.66% and 83.33% respectively. Specialist says if cats are properly vaccinated almost 60% of that cases can be avoided.
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