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Title: Aspiration Pneumonia with Fibrous Osteodystrophy in a Pregnant Doe: A Case Report
Authors: Masud, Abdullah Al
Keywords: Aspiration pneumonia, Fibrous osteodystrophy, Goat respiratory disease
Issue Date: Sep-2020
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Science University
Abstract: A 3 years old pregnant doe with the history of inappropriate administration of medication showing clinical signs of fever, anorexia, dyspnea, swollen face and protruded tongue presented at Upazilla Veterinary Hospital, Anowara. Physical examination revealed pain at maxilla-mandibular joints and crackle sound on auscultation of lungs. A blood sample was collected from jugular vein and tested in laboratory for hematological and biochemical evaluation. There was increased amount of TLC and Neutrophils due to bacterial infection with decreased amount of Hemoglobin and MCH value for pregnancy. On the other side, there were decrease serum calcium and increase phosphorus level which lower the Ca:P ratio leading to secondary hyperparathyroidism. As a result, Parathormone promotes bone reabsorption and softening of the bones. During this time forceful oral medication goes to respiratory tract resulting aspiration pneumonia. The doe was treated with ceftriaxone antibiotic @ 25 mg/kg IM, antihistaminic Promethazine @ 1 mg/kg IM, NSAID Meloxicam @ 0.2 mg/kg SC and bronchodilator Aminophylline @ 10 mg/kg IM for 5 days. After proper cure of respiratory problem, it was suggested to treat with parenteral calcium supplement followed by oral calcium and vitamin D supplement. Doe started feeding after 5 days of treatment and recovered completely after 35 days of treatment.
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