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Title: A Clinical Report on Correction and Management of Genital Prolapse of Cow and Goat at Laksam Upazila in Cumilla
Authors: Islam, Nahidul
Keywords: Vaginal prolapse, Correction, Management, Buhner’s technique, Antibiotics, epidural anesthesia, lignocaine, oxytocin, suture, uterine prolapse
Issue Date: Sep-2020
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Chattogram-4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: Two cases were presented for treatment of genital prolapse were included in this study. Vaginal prolapse mostly occurred during advanced pregnancy and uterine prolapse following parturition. At the time of examination, the animal with uterine prolapse were recumbent, while that with vaginal prolapse was standing. Vaginal prolapse is a common obstetrical disorder for dairy cows throughout the country during 3rd trimester of gestation. However, there is no available published report on it in Bangladesh. A four years old Holstein Friesian cow was found at the village Kadra in Laksam Upazilla, Cumilla with a history of 7 months pregnancy and hanging mass outside the genital opening. By physical examination, it was confirmed as vaginal prolapse. The prolapsed mass was corrected manually and Buhner’s suture was applied parallel to vulva apart from vagina beneath the skin to keep it in position. The cow was followed for next 2 months. There found no evidence of recurrence and then it delivered a healthy female calf successfully without any complication. A case of uterine prolapse in a doe goat was found in Upazilla Veterinary Hospital, Laksam, Cumilla . The animal was brought to the hospital with complaint of prolapse of the uterus. The everted organ was carefully assessed and gross debris removed by washing with dilute chlorhexidine solution. Epidural anesthesia was achieved using lignocain solution. The prolapsed uterus was replaced and retention suture was placed on the vulva to prevent reprolapse. Oxytocin, dexamethasone, broad-spectrum antibiotics (penicillin and streptomycin) were administered intramuscularly. The animal was hospitalized for closed monitoring. There was no recurrence. Sutures were removed and the animal was discharged from the hospital.
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