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Title: Low Cost Methane Estimation System of Sheep farm
Authors: Datta Roni, Shourav
Keywords: Methane, Gas detector, Emission, grazing sheep
Issue Date: Nov-2021
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Chattogram-4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: Livestock acts as a significant source of anthropogenic greenhouse gasses (GHG) emissions. Enteric methane (CH4) from ruminants is one of the major sources of GHG in this sector. There are several methods to measure CH4, emissions in ruminants, but these methods are expensive and demand highly skilled labour which limits its utilization, especially in developing countries like Bangladesh. Alternatively, less accurate but inexpensive and easy to implement methods can be used.We used a sensor-based gas leaked device for studying enteric CH4, emissions and intake dynamics in grazing sheep. This portable combustible gas leak detector adopts ABS material, ergonomic design, easy to operate, using large screen dot matrix LCD display. The sensor uses the catalytic combustion type which is anti-interference capability, the detector is with a Long and flexible stainless goose neck detect probe and used to detect gas leak in the restricted space, when the gas concentration exceed a preset alarm level, it will make audible, vibration alarm. It is usually used in detecting gas leakage from the gas pipelines, gas valve, and other possible places, tunnel, municipal engineering, chemical industry, metallurgy, etc. Our device measure the CH4 concentration in sheep's eructed air breath and shows us the concentration value at ppm, can be used to estimate CH4emissions in grazing ruminants. The results of our estimated methane concentration range from186 ppm to 442 ppm
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