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Authors: Kabir, Shahriar
Keywords: Non infectious diseases, Risk factors, Managemental problem, Marginal farmer
Issue Date: Aug-2020
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Chattogram-4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: The study was planned to determine the rate of several types of infectious and noninfectious diseases in the Rangamati govt. pig farm. After taking all kinds of history and data for the last one year (2019) from the pig farm those data have been analyzed from several perspective and by software. There is some relation between disease and managemental problem. Some risk factors have also been identified. Most of the diseases can be prevented by appropriate managemental procedure but few of those are really tough to diagnose and treat. Vaccination and deworming are the two key factors to avoid most of the infectious and parasitic diseases in pig farm. By this study it has been tried to identify the major challenges in a pig farm and proper system of pig farming for the marginal pig farmer of Bangladesh. The result of the study is satisfactory. It has been found that the major problem in a pig farm is parasitic infection, major parasites found in the farm are Ascaris suum (63.8%), Strongyloides ransomni (16.1%), Trichuris suis (4.7%), Metastrongylus (3.4%) and Oesophagostomum (5.4%). Some nutritional deficiency is also common like anemia (70.5%), unthrifty appearance (9.8%), Poor reproduction (7.4%), Rough skin and coat (4.9%) and Excessive hair loss (7.4%) etc. Most common reproductive problem found in the farm is poor libido which is 57.8% because of obesity and old age. Chronic Coughing (28.6%), lung worm (43.7%), Pneumonia (16.8%), Swine influenza virus (10.9%) can be categorized as respiratory diseases in the pig farm. As other category form FMD (24%) is commonly seen in adult animal and rotaviral diarrhea (73.1%) in piglets. Pigs are more prone to diseases in summer and rainy season. Poor management and deficiency of common mineral in ration can sometime leads to vices like cannibalism (8.5%), tail biting (57.5%), ear biting (4.3%), aggressiveness (17%), fighting (12.8) etc. in pig farm.
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