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Authors: Barua, Himaddry
Keywords: Chicken, Oviduct, Gross morphological study
Issue Date: Aug-2021
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Chattogram-4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: The present study was carried out on the oviduct of laying native chicken of Bangladesh at the age range of 8-12 months old. After dissection, morphological parameters such as total length and weight of oviduct, length and weight at the age range of 8-11 months were determined. For the histological study, after preparation and staining with hematoxylin and eosin, histological layer of oviductal tissues were recognized. The mean length and weight of total oviduct of native chicken were 7.18 ± 4.22 cm and 24.45± 1.81 gm respectively. The mean length and weight of oviductal segments, infundibulum (7.18 ±4.22 cm and 7.18 ± 4.22 gm), magnum (18.40 ± 6.75 cm and 18.40 ± 6.75 gm), isthmus (7.68 ± 3.46 cm and 7.68 ± 3.46 gm), uterus (6.10 ± 2.80 cm and 6.10 ±2.80 gm) and vagina (6.83 ± 2.82 cm and 6.83 ± 2.82 gm) were measured. Both the length and weight of oviductal segment was progressively increasing from 8-10 months and was decreased at 11 months age. Histological features of oviductal segments varied in regards to the distribution of gland, connective tissues arrangement and mucosal folding. Particularly, the distribution of tubular glands among the segments of oviduct was significantly different. In the magnum and isthmus, populations of tubular glands were higher whereas other segments had limited glands.
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