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Title: Pigeon Rearing Systems and Their Comparative Performance Analysis: A Case of Senbag Upazilla, Noakhali
Keywords: pigeon, pigeon farming, Newcastle
Issue Date: Sep-2020
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Chattogram-4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: Consumers prefer variation in their daily food item. Pigeon meat has become one of those food items for superb test, high nutritional value. Considering this significance a study was conveyed using a pre-tested interview schedule in the senbag upazila of Noakhali district to study the socio-economic status, management practice of pigeon, production performance and profitability of pigeon farming. Data were collected from 200 pigeon farmers in different village of senbag upazila. Besides housing of pigeon, common breed, quantity of feed supplied, breeding & hatching, vaccination medication status, price and profitability of pigeon farming also available. This study reveals lots of facilities, limitation of pigeon farming. Facilities are doing pigeon farm don’t need great amount of money. Unlike many other domestic animals and birds, pigeon farming requires less labor and low investment. That’s why most of the fresher are students (34%), house wife (64%) utilize their free time, free space on rooftop, balcony. This docile monogamous bird does not need too much care and attention without for New castle (ND), pigeon pox, cold during starting of winter. 80% pigeon of total population affected by ND, pigeon pox due lack of vaccination. In the study area 46% people know there are two vaccine for pigeon but don’t vaccine due to lack of facilities. Even 10% have no idea about pigeon vaccine. Pigeon hatchability which remains 99% in summer season, fall down in winter (28%) as a result of faulty management during this time. Existing all these limitation people never lose hope of pigeon farming having facilities. Each pair gives one pair squab per month. The price of per pair squab is 250 taka – deshi breed, 300 taka in case of cross breed. The price of mature pigeon pair is in 500-1000 taka. Some aristocratic breed price is 50 thousand to more than lakh. There is a lot demand of squab meat in market due to its delicacy and taste. Being the symbol of peace and beauty there are enormous demand for different pigeon breed in the market. The pigeon farming may be increased with government initiative providing training to farmers and extending loans. Introduction meat breeds, good flock size and balanced feed need to be ensured for improving income and employment opportunity.
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