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Title: A Study on Backyard Poultry (Chicken) Management and Production System at Chandhanaish Upazilla, Chattogram
Keywords: Backyard, present status, scavenging, production
Issue Date: Jan-2019
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Chattogram-4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: Backyard Poultry is one of the key source of protein for the rural people in Bangladesh. The present study was conducted in Chandhanaish upazilla under Chattogram district of Bangladesh. Data was collected from 20 randomly selected households in Chandhanaish upazilla and analysed statistically. The study was undertaken to know the present status of backyard poultry rearing. This study shows that there is no scientific method followed in backyard farming in relation to housing, feeding. Most (55%) of the poultry house were made shortly wood and tin. Litter materials used by the farmers were sand, ash, rice husk. About 20%farmers did not use any litter materials in their poultry house. About 40% farmers provided boiled rice, rice polish and broken rice. Pond water, tube well water were supplied by 55%, 45% farmers respectively. Almost all the poultry raisers reared their poultry through free-range scavenging system. Most (65%) of the farmers did not vaccinate their poultry. New castle disease was identified as the major threat. Egg production of chicken was 30-45/year.
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