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Title: P revalence of Haemopr otozoan diseases of buffalo of C hattogram division
Keywords: Buffalo, Chattogram District, Haemoprotozoa, Giemsa’s stain, Prevalence
Issue Date: Nov-2023
Publisher: A clinical report submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Veterinary medicine (DVM) Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Khulshi, Chattogram 4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: Haemoprotozoan diseases are a major cause of devastating losses to the livestock industry throughout the world. This study set out to conduct a cross-sectional assessment of the prevalence of hemoprotozoan diseases in the Buffalo of Chattogram district, Bangladesh, during a seven-month period, from May to November 2023. During this investigation, the effects of age, sex, deworming status, BCS, and geographical location on the occurrence of Haemoprotozoa were also noted. Total 100 blood samples were collected purposively from buffaloes of three upazilas (Boalkhali, Kabirhat, and Companigonj) of Chattogram. After collecting the blood samples Giemsa's stained thin blood smear technique was used to evaluate the blood samples. Only Anaplasmosis was found in these tests where overall 16% prevalence was found. In Boalkhali and Kabirhat upazila prevalence of Anaplasma spp. was found 17.18% and 16.00%, respectively where no positive sample was found in Companigonj upazila. Moreover, the highest prevalence of Anaplasmosis was found in calf (23.08%) than young (14.00%) and adult (16.22%). In case of sex, males had a greater infection rate (19.35%) than female animals (14.55%). In this study fatty animals (BCS 3) were more infected (18.00%) than others. Here, dewormed buffalo had less infection (14.55%) than non-dewormed buffalo (17.78%). These data found out from this study will give a complete scenario of blood parasite of buffalo of some parts of Chattogram district which will be helpful for the farmers to find out the cause of illness of animals and to take effective preventive measures.
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