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Title: Gross and Histo-morphometrical Study on Small Intestine of Native and Sonali Chicken of Bangladesh
Authors: Rahaman, Sydur
Keywords: : Sonali chicken, Small intestine, native chicken, Duodenum, Jejunum and Ilium.
Issue Date: Nov-2023
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Khulshi,Chattogram
Abstract: This study conducted a comprehensive investigation into gross and histomorphometric characteristics of the small intestine in both Native and Sonali chickens. The gross examination revealed remarkable similarities in the overall structure of the small intestine, characterized by its smooth, uniform throughout its length, pale pinkish and shiny color, and comprises the Jejunum, ileum. and distinctive U-shaped duodenum configuration. The duodenum's mean length varied significantly between the two breeds, with Sonali chickens displaying a shorter duodenum (22.43±0.97 cm) than native chicken (26.06±0.58 cm) whereas jejunum and ilium are longer in sonali chicken than native chicken. Jejunum is longest part of small intestine in both native (37.33±2.40cm) and sonali chicken (44.66±1.76cm). The mean diameter of the small intestine's different parts were larger in native chicken than in sonali chicken. The present study revealed that the mean length and diameter of different parts of small intestine between native and sonali chicken were significantly different at p≤0.05.Histologically small intestine exhibited 3 common layer serosa, tunica muscularis, and tunica mucosa. There was no distinctive submucosa in both native and sonali chicken. ..The small intestine's mucosa was characterized by the goblet cells and villi that covered the lieberkuhn crypts, which were coated in a simple columnar epithelium. The small intestine's various segments' villi have varying forms. The mean height of villi of different parts of small intestine between native and sonali chicken were significantly different at p≤0.05. Duodenum has the tallest villi in both native (522.21±7.60µm) and Sonali (650.11±8.82µm) chicken whereas ilium (454.56±12.51µm & 382.11±18.06µm) exhibits shorter villi among the three parts of both breeds. Ilium had more goblet cells than the duodenum and jejunum of both breeds. Sonali chickens have deeper crypts (100.5±2.20µm) and higher villi (650.11±8.82µm), which might increase their absorptive surface area. Native chickens, on the other hand, exhibited shorter villi and shallower crypts, indicating changes in their digestive and absorptive capacity. In terms of tunica mucosa, tunica muscularis, villus width, and crypt depth, there were no significant differences between the two breeds in the jejunum. Sonali chicken, on the other hand, has higher villi, which might indicate greater nutritional absorption capabilit
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