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Title: Gross and Histo-morphometrical study on Large Intestine of Native and Sonali Chicken of Bangladesh
Authors: Imran, Saidul Karim
Issue Date: Nov-2023
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Khulshi,Chattogram
Abstract: This study compares the large intestines of Native and Sonali chickens grown in Bangladesh, looking at anatomical and histological differences. Six hens were inspected: three Sonali at three months and three Native at four months. The Sonali and Native chickens differed in their cecum and colorectal measurements the dimensions of the cecum and colorectal varied between the Sonali and Native chickens, with Native chickens having bigger colorectal diameters (2.5 cm) than Sonali chickens (1.8 cm), and Sonali chickens having longer cecum lengths (15.2 cm) compared to Natives (13.6 cm). These findings advance knowledge of the intestinal anatomy of chickens and its differences from broilers. In comparison to Native chickens (229 mm mucosal length and 211 mm tunica muscularis), Sonali chickens have shorter mucosal lengths (159 mm) but longer tunica muscularis (290 mm). This implies that native hens may benefit from a nutrient advantage. Furthermore, Native chickens appear to have a stronger immune system than Sonali hens, which could increase their resistance to gastrointestinal illnesses. Additionally, unique histological traits in the intestinal mucosa suggest dietary and environmental changes, underscoring the possibility of increased nutrient absorption capability in Sonali hens.
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