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Title: Macroscopic and microscopic evaluation of a cryptorchid testis in cat: a case report
Authors: Akther, Kazi Asma
Keywords: Keywords: Cryptorchidism, Endocrinology, Histopathology, Laparotomy
Issue Date: Nov-2023
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Khulshi,Chattogram
Abstract: Cryptorchidism is considered as a heritable reproductive disease in cats and the failure of testis descending occurs mostly at birth or shortly after birth. Persians were considered as most susceptible breed for cryptorchidism according to various reports. No significant symptoms were determined as the mean of detecting the cryptorchidism, thus different diagnostic techniques like physical examinations, palpation, ultrasonography or X-ray imaging used normally. However, laparotomy is the mostly recommended treatment protocol for the condition. In our current study, we also adapted the technique. This is a histopathologic and endocrinologic study of a persian tomcat that was affected with left abdominal cryptorchidism. In this study, we have found different macroscopic and microscopic changes in cryptorchid testis and also proved the hormonal activity of cryptorchid animal. There were so many significant changes recorded in this study such as changes in external appearance of affected testis, histological degenerations, disorganization of testicular cells etc. and in hormonal assay there was found a small amount of testosterone in blood.
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