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Title: Excision of tumor by electrocauterization method in a Pigeon: A Case study
Authors: Shajid, Md. Abu Younus
Keywords: Lower eyelid tumor, pigeon, General anesthesia, electrocauterization, recovery, post operative care
Issue Date: Nov-2023
Publisher: A Clinical report presented in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
Abstract: Tumor in lower eyelid is very common in pigeon.Treatment consists of surgical correction by electrocauterization method with the addition of antibiotics in selected cases. The aim of this report was to describe a surgical procedure to remove a tumor from the lower eyelid position of left eye in a pigeon.A four years old pigeon was presented to Shahedul Alam Quadery Teaching Veterinary Hospital (SAQTVH), Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Science university (CVASU) with complain of swollen mass in the left eye since last three to four months. Clinical findings upon physical examination recorded tumor in the left lower eyelid. Following the diagnostic process, electrocauterization was chosen based on the findings of the clinical evaluation. Typically, general anesthesia was used during the electrocauterization, along with intraoperative systemic analgesia. The decision of electrocautery was taken to ensure that it would not damage any vital eye structures. Antibiotics were continually administered to prevent a secondary bacterial infection and a gauze was applied soaked in an antiseptic solution. No complication was recorded and the surgical side was healed within 10 days.
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