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Authors: MD. Alauddin, MD. Alauddin
Keywords: Duck raring, Free range, Semi-intensive, Mationg, vaccination, deworming and Questionnaire
Issue Date: Sep-2018
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Khulshi,Chattogram
Abstract: The present study was conducted to know the management of and rearing system of duck under rural condition in Barura upzila of Comilla district. A total 0f 40 farmers were selected randomly by using a pre-structured questionnaire on 15th February to 25th March, 2018. Most of the farmers (72.5%) reared deshi duck and duck population per household was 4.1. About 80% female were responsible for duck rearing. Most of the farmers reared their duck in semi-scavenging system. About 35% farmers used wood and tin for construction of duck house. Main feed item of ducks were rice, rice polish, rice gruel, though most of the ducks were raring in free ranging system they ingest snail, different types of pest from natural source. About 80% farmers provided on an average of 125 gm supplemental diet to each duck/day. Average egg production of Deshi duck was 85 ducks /year. All of the duck were breeding by straight breeding system and mating naturaliy. Duck plague was most common disease in that area and they were not performed any vaccination and deworming for maintained their biosecurity. They did not communicate Upzilla Veterinary Hospital. It was concluded that duck rearing knowledge of the farmers such as breeding, feeding, housing, prevention and control of diseases are not satisfactory of this areas. Introducing of improved duck breeds/varieties, training to duck farmers, ensuring vaccination to ducks, financial and technical support to the farmers could increase the duck rearing. It also increased the household income and employment to youth, rural women and the small-holder marginal farmers
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