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Authors: Hossain Kobir, Md.
Keywords: Prevalence, clinical diseases, menifestation, goats, cattle, dog, cat, rabbit, sheep, Chittagong.
Issue Date: Jan-2015
Publisher: Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Chittagong – 4225, Bangladesh
Abstract: A total of 1006 clinical cases (goats 771, dog 119, cattle 75, cat 28, rabbit 6, sheep 4, deer 2 and monkey 1) were registered to the SAQTVH during the years 2011 and 2012. This report was conducted to determine the prevalence of clinical diseases and manifestations of major species recorded at SAQTVH in CVASU during the period of 2011 and 2012. Diagnosis of these clinical diseases and disorders were based on clinical history, clinical sign and different lab test. Highest percentage of cases constituted goats (76.56%) and second highest number was dog (11.82%) in comparison to other species. Among the cases, highest percentage was recorded with the diseases of respiratory system (25%), followed by musculo-skeletal system (20%), integumentary system (13%), reproductive system (10%), digestive and respiratory system (7%), digestive system (4.5%), urinary system (2%) and other systems (17%). Among all the patients, frequency of female patients was high in case of goat (58%), cattle (58%) and cat (55%). On the other hand frequency of male patients was high in dog (75%) and rabbit (100%). In case of body weight, median values for different species were as follows: cat (7kg), cattle (50kg), dog (12kg), goat (15kg), rabbit (2kg) and sheep (8kg). In case of age, median values for different species were as follows: cat (8 months), cattle (13 months), dog (15 months), goat (11 months), rabbit (7 months) and sheep (10 months). It was clearly indicated that there were more number of patients visited in 2011 (79.75%) than 2012 (20.25%). In case of individual species study, highest frequency of goat patients were registered with respiratory system (30%), cattle with musculo-skeletal system (34%), dog with musculo-skeletal system (24%), cat with respiratory system (21%). In the study of specific diseases, highest number of goats were affected with respiratory tract infection (18.7%), cattle affected with FMD (25.68%), dog affected with tonsilitis (15.79%) and cat affected with wound (19.23%). Prevalence of clinical diseases and disorders were analyzed on the basis of age, sex and body weight.
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