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Title: Economic Analysis and Biosecurity Practices in Commercial Broiler Farming at Patiya Upazila
Authors: Readul Huque, Mohammad Al
Issue Date: Aug-2023
Publisher: Chattogram Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Khulshi,Chattogram
Abstract: This study was conducted to understand the profitability and biosecurity practices of broiler farming in Patiya Upazila .On the basis of available information, a total number of 34 farms were selected following random sampling technique from Patiya upazila under Chittagong district of Bangladesh through a pre-formed questionnaire. The objectives of the study were achieved through descriptive, statistical and economic methods. According to the study, 85% of the total farmers completed their secondary education with 5 years of experience in farming. About 65% of the farmer earned Tk. 25000-50000 as monthly income. Gross margin was Tk. 253651±847855. Net return was Tk. 194889±804828 per batch of broiler. The BCR was 1.12 indicating that broiler farming is still profitable in the study area. The study also identified 5 main challenges faced by the broiler farmers: High cost of feed, High cost of DOC, Chick mortality, Stable prices of poultry feed, Developing the sector veterinary service. The demand
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